Knitted bar scarves

– size about 138×18 cm + fringes
– 2-3 colors
– fabric 100% acrylic
– your own embroidery

Bar scarves

Minimum quantity: 30 pieces

Bar scarves

Bar scarves are made differently than the knitted scarves thanks to the lack of the graphics. In that way they are softer and more sensous. Even if there is no pattern on them, you can still put some emblems or band logos but often the colors speak for themselves. Embroidery is an option not a must.

Striped scarves

Scarves with stripes are tradition. They can be found on the stadions all over the world and are a must-have for evey sports fans. You can see them on evey football match! Today scarves are made by the proffesional machines with the computer-printed embroidery. Order your own scarves with stripes! The minimum order quantity for bar scarves is 30 pieces but if you want to order less scarves and pay extra (to cover fixes production costs and embroidery program) we are waiting for your message.

Striped scarves can be also made without… the stripes, that means that they are of one color, for example white, red, black or grey – with the discrete embroidery that can be a great addition to every day wardrobe. And if without fringes (yes, scarves don’t need to have fringes) we will edge the scarf with the yarn-colored thread the scarf will be even looking better, won’t it?