Mini car shirts

– mini kits
– full color print, two sides
– suction cup included
– on the hook

Car mini shirts

Size about 11 cm


mini shirt

Car mini shirts

Cars are not the only place to put a mini shirt but for sure it is one of the most popular places for them. Did you ever think about how many places could your mini t-shirt visit if you put it in your befriended truck driver’s lorry or in the turist bus? Mobility of this medium of advertisment is the biggest advantage of it ! You can hang your mini t-shirt on the car mirror or you can put it on the car window (it can be done thank to the suckers and hooks that are in the set). In that way your company or team will be visible everywhere where the car will go !

Mini sportswear – pendant

Mini sportswear can be hung also at the office, in the sports fan room, on the mirror, glass or window – everywhere where we want to see it. It is very small and functional gadget that can replace a big scarf. Mini sportswears are both sides printed, so they have two different prints. During the production process it is possible to make two totally different sportswears – it isn’t popular among the customers but it is possible. Sportwear may be full (a football shirt with shorts or only a sweatshirt for the hockey sportswear) or it can be only a shirt.

Mini t-shirts with print

Production of the mini t-shirts allows to print the endless number of colors, prints, shades or fades. The small t-shirt can look like the big one, can be a miniature of the oryginal sportswear or represent totally new pattern, created just for this gadget. Thanks to the small minimum order quantity, it is a very interesting proposition for different teams and fanclubs that would like to have a unique gadget without ordering big quantities.