Stadium pillows

  • any graphics
  • folding stadium seat pillow

Stadium pillow

Minimum quantity: 50 pieces

Stadium pillow

Stadium pillowStadium pillow

Stadium cushions

If your seat at the stadion or sports hall is not the most comfortable one, a stadium seat cushion is for you! Made of resilient foam and lasting fabric it would be perfect everywhere you will need it. Our cushion can be folded -that saves space during the transport and the functional lock works also as a handle. Incredibly useful and aesthetic execution together with… yes, your own design!

Stadium seat cushions with logo

Seat cushion don’t need to be grey and boring. You can customize it as you wish. You can put a motivational or promotional slogan (at the stadium we are not sitting all the time, aren’t we?), a sign or an iscription. Sublimation does not limits the production in case of the number of colorsand pattern, so you can aplly multi-colored emblem and any graphic that you want. Seat cushions are dyed from the outer side and folding them in half gives additional possibiliteis for creative design of the pattern. So what is your idea?