Polo shirts

– embroidered logo
– adults and youth sizes



  • XS-XXXL (Men)
  • XS-XXL (Women)
  • 128-140-152-164 cm (Youth)

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Custom embroided polo shirts with logo

By logo on the polo shirt we mean not only the company sign but also an emblem, inscription or any other symbol. It will be embroidered on the left side of the polo shirt but by request, we can change the place, and the embroidery can be changed to print. Polo t-shirts with embroidery are exclusive products, more exclusive than the ordinary t-shirts with print. T-shirts are for the every day use, while polo shirts are for more important occasions. Often club poloshirts are worn by the coach or other people associated with the team. You can custom your polo shirt in many ways: it is made from scratches, so you can choose the color – it can be different in fron and in back. You can decide to have differen sleves, collars and buttons.

It is also possible to put an inscription on the back of the polo in any color and font. In standard we put the team name but it is also possible to make a motivational slogan or any other content. The inscription isn’t personalization, so it isn’t a service of making individual last names. Such option as personalisation is possible, but extra paid. We can also make initials or number in front of the shirt. Polo shirts poduction (from scratches) starts from 30 pieces.

Our polo shirts are made of high quality cotton and are premium products. Sewing precision and computer embroidery are so good that every company or club colud be pround of it. If you are looking for the shirts that can be worn with pride then our polo shirts are for you! Polo shirts with embroidered company logo will be great for employees no matter where they work. Emblems, company sign or name will be visible on the polo shirts. It will allow customers to easily find employees in the company and distinguish them from other people. The combination of elegance and functionality with wearing comfor makes polo shirts with broider logo perfect for the traid rairs, events and for every day work.

Custom embroidered polo shirts – shirts with embroidery manufacturer

Polo shirts are considered to be more elegant alternative for t-shirts. They perfectly combine sport style with the chic made by collars. Cotton shirts are very comfortable, nice in touch and very tasteful at the same time. They are perfect for less formal occasions because they can substitute traditional shirts. As polo shirt with custom embroidery manufacturer we provide high quality clothes that are perfect for advertising and promotion. In our assortment we have many different shirts with embroidery and print availiable, not only polo shirts. We made custom polo shirts for order, according to the client’s design. It allows to personalize your clothes and to give it an individual style. You can choose the collar, welt and buttons colors, and we can make an inscrption at the back for you. In that way each polo shirt can be made for a specific person. Embroidery on polo shirts such as sports team emblem or company logo is perfect way to stand out.

Custom polo shirts with embroidery on shirt

Polo shirts with own embroidery are perfect for the sports teams. Unified look of the players makes them easy to identificate on the field, creates the sense of unity and belonging. The same features can be used in your company by creating unified clothes for employees. It is perfect way to stand out yourself at work or during the events. Cotton polo shirts with embroidery are cmfortable and elegant. Properties of cotton make shirts very soft, elastic and nice in touch. Fabric is breatheable and allows skin to breathe, while at the same time, it provides thermal comfort. Polo shirts with embroidery are made of a high quality material and with great care. That makes them very long lasting. Thay are machine washable and you don’t have to worry about the colors or embroidery.

Advertising polo shirts with embroidery

Embroidered advertising polo shirt are perfect for the sports teams and companies. They can be use every day but also during the other occasions such as trade fairs or other events. Embroidered polo shirt with emblem or logo will look good on everyone and will help to stand out from the crowd. It is perfect for every occasion because it is comfortable and elegant at the some time. It is great for work and for doing sport. Embroidery on the polo shirts is made by the computers and in that way they are made with precision and repeatability. Each polo shirt will look like exactly the same. Advertising polo shirts with embroidery are the perfect way to create elegant and comfortable outfits for the sports team or employees. If you want to stand out, order your custom made polo shirts.