Embroidered beanies

– acrylic winter hat
– embroidered logo
– mens size or youth size

Embroidered beanies

Minimum quantity: 30 pieces

Winter beanie with embroidered logo

Warm hat with embroidery is a must-have for every winter. Winter hat can be very toned product, made in one color with only one emroidered emblem or with more fancy and colorful pattern. The hat with colorful, checkered pattern or stripes will be definitelly outstanding during winter. The hat doesn’t have to have the embroidered emblem. It can have a knitted inscription, for example, the name of the team (the lack of the embroidery will lower the price). The hat can have both – the embroidered emblem and knitted inscription. We can also create the embroidered inscription and knitted emblem, but it has to be simplified due to the embroidery technology.

Winter hat with embroidery and additions

Winter hat with embroidery in the basic version is simple and has got the embroidered emblem. Winter hat with embroidery can be diversified when we add to it curled up botton with the double layer for the forehead and ears. To make it even more stylish, you can add a bobble. The bobble can be in the same color as the hat or totally different. Hat can have Christmass or winter themes and it will be perfect for every day and during the winter sports activities like skiing, sled sliding e.t.c.

Winter hats with embroidery – for who?

Winter headgear will be useful on the stadium and on the pitch, before the game. It is worth to have the winter hat on your way to work or during the work at the warehouse or when children play on the playground. Winter awayday is also a great reason to wear your company colors or logo on your head. Hats with embroidery can be for both, men and youth. Children who play football will eagarly wear hats with their team logo. Also parents during the matches or trainings will definitelly wear such hats to identify with their children.