– 100% polyester
– two zipped pockets
– embroidered logo



Belt bags with embroidery

Popular belt bags are bags where you can put may useful thigs like a smartphone, keys or money. We offer you sewing your own belt bags with your embroidery, inscription or logo. Custom belt bags can accompany your customers, employees or friends and will help to carry not only their belongings but also your idea.

Logo waistbags

Standard belt bags with embroidery are black but we can make them in every color. Please verify by an e-mail the avaliability of the colors; standard colors should be always available. You can choose not only the color of the material but the zipper color as well. You can also choose the belt color. Waist bags have two pockets: the basic one is bigger and the back one is smaller and more shallow, perfect for the documents or money. Both pockets are zippered by zippers. Each belt bag has a adjustable belt with handy clasp.