Knitted scarves (classic stadium scarves)

– size about ok. 138×18 cm + fringes
– your own design
– 100% acrylic
– up to 6 colors

Knitted scarves

Knitted scarf own design ScarfKnitted scarves

Custom knitted scarves

Scarves made on yarn knitting machines from yarn in colors and patterns choosen by the purchaser are one of the most popular sports gadgets for the sports fans that want to support their team and club marketing activities, activsts and sponsors. Knitted scarf with pattern is a basic stadium scarf. If you don’t now what kind of scarf do you need, you have heard about the printed scarves, milled or crotchet and you know that you want that kind of scarves that you have seen on the football matches, probaby you want the knitted scarves.

The main andvantage is that this gadget is commonly used, popular (one sports fan usually has more than one scarf), easy to do (we can help you, but you are able to design it on your own, on the paper or in simple graphic file), two-sided and low price. Production start up costs of knitted scarves per one piece decrease with the number of scarves, so the bigger the order is, the lower the price per item became.

Custom made scarves have some technological limitations and it is worth to know about them before you make the order. Colors: maximally 6 and the more you use, the worse effect you will get. You have to remember that the knitted scarf is made of the yarn which colors interpenetrate. Darker colors have particular impact on the white color but not only. This is one of the features of these scarves. What is more, complex patterns like animals, plants, complicated emblems or logos have to be simplified. You don’t have to worry about it, we will prepare the machine program. We want you to be aware of that (see the picture above) and we want you to know what are the production realities.