Sports socks with your own text and/or logo

– your own design
– 80% cotton, 15% polyamid, 5% elasthan
– minimum quantity: 30 pairs

Sport socks with logo

EUR sizes:

Sport socks with logo

Custom socks with logo are one of the most underrated advertisment gadgets. Business customers sometimes consider them as useless because they are not visible, thus they are not worth spending money on… It seems logical, because they are unvisible under the long trousers and no one looks at them even if someone is wearing shorts. But they have to be put on…

Socks with logo are not billboards or advertising boards and that is true. Noverthenless, they stand out from other medium by the fact that they are used every day. It is not a hat that you put on when you want to go out and you take it off when you are back (if the weather is bad). Socks are worn daily, they have to be laundered too so they are constantly present in our lifes. They are not used for the one game, for one event, they are used all the time. If you want a high quality product, socks are perfect. They will serve your customers for a long time.

The last and the most important argument for the socks production is exactly the fact that they are commonly used by everyone. Many products that we offer on our site are aimed to only limited number of consumers. Some of them play football, some are sports fans, some wear sports clothes etc. Socks are worn by everyone. Of course not everyone wears sports socks but it is up to you how functional and how you will design socks with your own logo.

We don’t produce single pairs of one size of the custom socks. Due to the production logistics, the final number of the produced quantity can be bigger form the ordered quantity. Socks production is dedicated to stores, companies, sports clubs.