Watter bottle

– size 600, 750 or 1000 ml
– many colors

Water bottles

Minimum quantity: 50 pieces

Water bottle Water bottle Water bottle Water bottle Water bottleWater bottle Water bottle Water bottle Water bottle Water bottles with logo

Water bottles with printed logo are one of these gadgets that are useful in the real life. They not only look good in your kitchen but also ‘work in battle’. It means that the user will not only see the logo on water bottles at home but will also carry them outside. This is a great advantage if we think of water bottles in terms of advertising or promoting, for example, local team.

We offer water bottles with print in three basic sizes/capacities but, on request, other possibilities are also availiable. Many colors of the water bottles are availiable and there is no limits in color of the print. The big advantage is the possibility to print water bottles from both sides, the main part and the top part as well. Very popular is printing of the big logo with the white stripe above. This white stripe (not necessairly white) is the place to sign the water bottle with a marker. It is a useful solution for the sports teams, clubs and bands.