Gym bag with full print design

  • size 40 cm
  • impregnated fabric

Gym sacks

Gym Sacks

Sports sacks

Sports sacks can be divided into gymsacks and shoes sacks. The first one can be also used to carry not only shoes (there will be also a space for the t-shirts) but they can be used as a backpack because thay have strings. Sports bags are underestimated while they are very functional bags that can be easily folded when are empty. The same cannot be done with the normal or sports bags. Sports bags are bigger, but sports sacks are perfect to carry trainers and gym clothes.

Gym sacks

Gym sacks are used nowadays by everyone – children, teenagers and adults, so we can now called them the training bags too – do not mistake them with the punchbags! A pocket for money, keys or phone will be a great addition to the bag. Sacks will be great for the gym, but it doesn’t mean that they won’t be usefull on trips or holidays. As it was already mentioned, in contrast to the traditionall bags, the sacks are not so heavy and capacious therefore they can be better for the younger users. They can put there their belongings and favourite snacks. As you can see, there are many ways to use sports sacks and we know that this kind of bag (with easy access and locking) is also very attractive to the young mums!

Sports sacks with print

Ragardless of the purpose, that was mentioned before, any type of the bag use can be highlighted by the proper colors. On the training bags we can print the name of the sports club. Advertising bags that weren’t mentioned earlier, can have company name and merchandise bags – city logo. There are many possibillities and the space for the advertisment is big (depending on your budget, it can be done on one or both sides) and there is no limits in colors!