Mini scarves

– size about 40 x 9 cm + fringes
– your own design
– 100% poliester
– full color printing

Mini car scarves

Two suction cups included

Mini car scarves

Mini scarves are eqivalents of the typical sports fans scarves. It is just a miniature of a scarf, which allows to show your support, for example, to the football team. Thanks to its mini version you will be able to show your support even in your car ! It is hard to travel with the scarf on the summer, hot day, but it is easy to put its mini-versionin on the car. We deliver our mini car scarves with the hanging option and with the suction cups.

Mini car scarves are about 40 cm long, so they are aproximately almost 4 times shorter than the traditional ones. Big scarves are knitted and mini car scarves can be knitted too but due to the small amount of space, this technique is not the best option. Knitted emblems or inscriptions would not be readable. So what to do?

Mini car scarves are printed! That’s the solution – to miniaturize and print. In this option our mini scarf can be in any color (there is no limit), with the precize embles, prints, tona transitions, shades and fades. We can put on them whatever we want and, what is more, your mini car scarf can present two different projects, depending on what side someone is looking at.