Winter gloves

– universal mens size
– your own embroidery
– fabric 100% polyester (fleece)

Gloves with logo

Fleece gloves

Gloves with your own embroidery

Gloves are a must-have during the winter time, what makes them a great advertising gadget. You can put your own inscription, emblem or symbol. A glove with embroidery is eye-catching, expeccialy when the embroidery is in contrast to the fleece background. The embroidery can be also a discrite sign, when it will be in a similar color to the glove. Left and right glove can have different embroideries, so one can have the emblem of the city while the second will have the local sport team crest. Possibilites are endless and are only limited by your imagination.

Gloves with embroideries are made of warm fleece what make them a very functional product. Thay aren’t just ‘advertising gloves’ that can be used only once. They are a solid, made from scratch product. Gloves have welts and are available in the standard, universal men’s size or, by request, in smaller, youth size, often choosen by women. Basic color is black but we also have fleece in different colors (for example red, blue, dark blue) – please write an e-mail to us if you are interested in other colors. It may happen that for other colors than black a minimum order quantity will be different; basic quantity is counted for the black color.