Sport shirts for players and fans.

– your own design, any graphics, full color
– 100% polyester
– minimum quantity: 10 pieces

Football shirts

Mens sizes: S, M, L, XL, XXL, XXXL
Kids sizes: 116 cm, 128 cm, 140 cm, 152 cm, 164 cm

Any graphics possible, please provide high quality files (or PDF vector).

No colors limit

Soccer Shirt

Football Shirt

We can help to create your team shirts

Football shirts: own pattern

Custom football shirts with pattern are for athletes and sports fans. T-shirts of the most popular teams are the driving force behind the marketing successes of these teams – companies. During the game you can find sports fans wearing the same clothes as the team. Thanks to our offer you can dress the whole team and its fans in the best quality football t-shirts in good price. We want to higlight the fact that we offer t-shirts that are of the same standard as can be found in other, popular brands. When we consider the price, our offer is the best. Our t-shirts can be used every time when thay are needed, even during weekly games. Many teams has alrady made use of our products.

You can design your football shirts according to your idea. There are no limits because the fabric is printed and then sewed, so we can put prints even on the edges. There is no problem with colors, shades, fades, inscriptions or graphics. This is not a t-shirt with a print. This shirt ‘is a print’. The print cannot be drew in or removed, it is a permanent part of the fabric, that is why it is lasting. Football t-shirt can have your team’s emblem, sponsor’s advertisment and the name on the back – it is included in the price. For extra price we will personalize the jerseys for the particular players – their names and numbers.

We propose sports shirts for football as one of the most popular team sport but we also provide t-shirts for the voleyball teams and fans, runners and other athletes and their fans. Send us your project (or only your concept for the shirt) and we will help you in the efficient implementation of it.

Football t-shirts – customization of the football t-shirts with own print

All football shirts with print are made of a high quality, breatable sports polyester. The fabric is enriched with the silver ions that gives it antibacterial effect. Our t-shirts are perfect for both, the professiona and amateur football teams and fans. Football shirts have modern design and are made according with the newest trends in fashion. Each series of the t-shirts can have their own design, what can be done when you create your own custom football shirts with print. When you send us your emblem and information about your team colors, we will help you to create any design, even the most sophisticated one. Our custom football t-shirts with logo are very lasting, functional and eye-catching. Prints are permanently incorporated into the fabric, so they are elastic, irremovable, they don’t lose color and don’t fade due to the external factors like the sun or washig powders. Football t-shirt with your own print can have team name, player’s invidual number or name.

Football t-shirts with name, last name, number or inscription

Good quality football t-shirts with own number are the effect of the refined production technology. Firstly, the fabric is printed with the colors and later it is sewed, so in that way the print reaches the edges. To personalize more your outfit, we can create football t-shirts with last name. Our offer is complex and covers the graphic design and print on the t-shirt, you can also choose from several types of t-shirts. If you need, your football shirts with own name or club name can have the pleated collar, round collar or you can order the polo version. In case of permanent cooperation, it is importan to have a possibility to order new batches of shirts or to complement the already existing shirts. It is not a problem for us, because we we keep the design and vector graphics on our discs for a long time. Football shirts with inscription are for the proffesional clubs, amateur or company teams and for fans.

Football t-shirts with print for children

Our offer is comprehensive and we also have the football t-shirts with own print for children. Every young football player who is dreaming about playing like Ronaldo or Messi, who gets his/her own football t-shirt with his or her name or last name will be thrilled. It is a very important element that helps to identify with the team and motivates for the futher practise. Football shirts with print for children are of the same quality as the adults’ t-shirts. The only difference can be found in size (we have 7 sizes). Colorful sports t-shirts for children can have the team name, club emblem, player’s name, last name and sponsor’s name. Each football t-shirt with print for children is made form the breathable polyester. Big availability of the sizes helps to choose the right size for the young players.