– fleece neck warmers
– embroidered logo
– adjustable size

Neck warmers

Black color as a standard neckwarmer. Other colors (white, red, blue) available when ordering more than 100 pieces

Neck warmers

Fleece neck warmers with embroidery

A fleece neck warmer is an intresting alternative for a tradicional scarf with pattern. Neck warmers are made of the smoot, warm fleece in the black colour. Thanks to the uniform backgrounf, your emblem embroided on the neck warmer is clearly visible.

Fleece neck warmers with logo

Except the embroided emblem, logo, sign or inscription, our neck warmer has one more, important feature: it has got a tape which allows to adjusts the diameter – that way you can quickly fit it to your neck in that way it gives you even better protection from cold. The basic colour of the fleece is black but for larger orders we are able to change the colors to blue, white or red; we can also adjust the embroidery to these colors.