– full color design
– cotton + polyester

Printed towels

Size medium (M):  about 100 x 50 cm
Size Large (L): about 140 x 70 cm

Towels about 360 g

Printed towel

Printed towels

In the summer, printed towels are a must-have during the holidays, on the beach or at the swimming pool. Even after the summer time, towels will have application in bathrooms or gym locker rooms, especcially among the sports fans.

Sublimated towels

A towel can be made in many different ways. On sublimated towels the pattern can be transfered precisely in all colours and without any limits in design. On the one site, the sublimated towel has your pattern, while on the other site it is finished with the cotton terry; in other words, we admire the pattern on the front and wipe ourselves with the back site of the towel.