Triangular or pentagonal shape pennants

– full color graphics
– with fringes
– on a string

Custom pennants


Custom pennants

It is not a precise term when we talk about the pennants with custom print. Pennants are not printed on the already made product. Their pattern is made during the production process, before we oversew them. Thanks to it the pennants fully reflect the needs and meets the expectations of the purchaser.

This is also caused by the fact that, as opposed to embroidered products or knitted ones, printed products which are pennants for order are not limited in color. Even complicated pattern or picture is not a problem if it is of a high quality and graphicaly designed in terms of shapes and proportions for the pennants. To sum up, you don’t need to worry about the pattern, it can be easily designed. What are other possibilities?

Embellishment. Pennants are basicly remainders of banners and big pennons that were used during the battles. For that reason the tradition of pennants is still visible in the sports clubs. The clubs fight regurally, they use their own colors, flags and pennants. Pennants production is not only for the sports teams but also local goverments, companies, associations and hobby groups.

Pennants after printing are trimmed with fringes or laces (you can choose colors but they are limited) and they can be hung on them. In case of the bigger pennants they are hung on a chain. Important feature is that they are two-sided, that means you can have one pattern from both sides or two different patterns. This last solution is popular among many companies and teams – on the one side is a name, emblem, logo and on the other is the name of the town or city.